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Rapid Antigen Test / Lateral flow test


The rapid antigen test is also referred to as a lateral flow device.

The QR code on the antigen test instructions is not specific to an individual order. This QR code is simply a link to allow easier and quicker access to the customer portal login page. 

After uploading your rapid antigen test to the customer portal you will receive your results within 12 hours, Usually there is a much quicker turnaround time within the working day. Results are also updated over the weekends and bank holidays on a regular basis. 

You may have not followed the instructions provided correctly. In order for us to validate your result please make sure you re-upload your picture onto your account through the customer portal ensuring that the following is in the photo:

  • Picture of your passport/ valid ID with your antigen test next to it.
  • You must write your Initials and date of when you took the test directly onto the antigen test.

Rapid Antigen test: This is a lateral flow chromatographic test, much like a pregnancy test, which detects the presence of the SARS-COV-2 virus in patient samples. The test device contains antibodies targeted against viral proteins present on SARS-COV-2. 

Yes you can. The reference number that is supplied with the day 2 booking is valid up to 6 months. This reference number is needed for the passenger locator form and can only be used once.

You will receive your reference number  in your order confirmation email, upon a successful booking. 

You may have accidently booked a fit to fly test rather than a  Day2/Day 2 &8 test. Fit to fly tests are for departures and do not generate a booking reference number for the passenger locator form. This is easily fixed by a quick email to covidtesting@protein-technologies.com or by calling us on 0161 511 8466/ 0161 226 2366

PCR tests 

If you have registered through one of our clinics you will be provided with an appointment to have the sample collected by a trained professional.

If you order with Manchester laboratory you will collect your test kit directly from our laboratory. 

Postal tests are delivered to your UK address using royal mail tracked 24. You will receive an email from royal mail to track your parcel. 

RT-PCR test: The golden-standard for detection of the virus is the RT-PCR method. We utilise the taqman PCR detection system where sequence specific primers targeted regions of the SARS-COV-2 genome. Amplification of viral genetic information indicates the presence of a viral RNA template and the SARS-COV-2 virus.

We supply tests result between 6-8 hours and 24 hours. This will depend on the type of PCR test you have ordered. 

We recommend booking Fit to fly PCR tests directly with our Manchester laboratory or with our pharmacy partners, to attend in person appointments. 

We no longer offer a postal Fit to fly or test to release service, due to the time critical nature of these tests and the possibility of swabs being lost in the post. 

Customer Portal

Your customer portal account is automatically made when booking a test with us. It is a safe and secured portal where you can track the progress of your test, upload pictures of required documents and download your result certificate.

On our website https://rapiditydx.com/ you should find the customer portal along the top of the web page, or by using the link above.

As a company who values our customers we care about your privacy and confidentiality which is why we do not send certificates via email but through the customer portal as it ensures optimum security

You can log in to the customer portal using the email and password you set when first making the booking. 

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset on  the login page.

If you do not remember the email you used when making your booking.  Please  email us on covidtesting@protein-technologies.com or call us on 0161 511 8466/ 0161 226 2366. 

General Enquiries

Once received back at our lab you can expect the results within 24 hours or 6-8 hours depending on the service selected. We will send you an email notification once the swab sample has been received by the lab.Please note: we are unable to control any delays with royal mail and the post may take longer than expected, especially over the holiday period.

If more than one order has been made to the same address, all test kits are sent as one package. This limits errors and delays in the post.

  • We offer both the golden standard PCR-test and the rapid antigen test for detecting SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The RT-PCR test uses the revolutionary technique in microbiology, the polymerase chain reaction, to amplify the viral genome and sequence specific probes to detect the target amplified genetic material. The Kits used are CE marked and have been validated by PHE in independent NHS laboratories. 


    The rapid Antigen test uses antibodies that target viral antigens on the SARS-COV-2 virus. The targeted binding of the antigen to the antibodies in the test device trigger a detectable colour change signifying the presence of SARS-COV-2 viral proteins.

Negative and positive results are reported to Public Health England and Public Health Scotland (depending on the location of the testing laboratory), who receive full details of the individuals concerned.

Please email us at covidtesting@protein-technologies.com for any concerns, issues or general questions you may have.


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