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RT PCR Test to release with Certificate

A highly sensitive and accurate viral load test which is used to identify if you are currently infected with Coronavirus. Each test includes a Test to release certificate.

The Covid-19 RT PCR test is used to identify if you are currently infected.

The test detects virus RNA in patients, specifically the detection of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), an RNA virus.

Tests will include a copy of the lab results and a doctor’s certificate to certify your fitness.

This test is taken on day 5 to shorten your quarantine time from the full 10 days 

Sensitivity= 98.3% and Specificity= 99.2%

There are limitations to this test. When there is a strong suspicion of Covid-19 and the test is negative, it is recommended to have a further test in 24-48 hours.

Results are usually sent the same day the test is taken

This test is performed by taking swabs from the nose and throat.

You will attend your chosen clinic/pharmacy and a member of our team will conduct the test for you.

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